What's Android XML to JAVA?

Do you wanna design UI of your Android Apps without using any XML code? Do you wanna make your life easier when you were designing a dynamic UI for some Android App? Do you wanna save time developing your App rather than spending most of it trying to design UI? This is over now with Android XML2Java. This service provides an automatic conversion of Android XML codes (tags and Attributes) to equivalent Android Java methods. All you need is some XML code and you are good to go.

How it works?

Simple, it takes your XML code and compare it to Android online documentation pages.It automatically extracts all of the methods and related XML attributes from Android documentation and automatically relates each XML attribute to the equivalent JAVA method. Then it adds converters to convert values to proper types. (that's just simple concept). Hmm, what are you waiting for? why don't you try it now? its free. First you need to design your own interface with eclipse IDE or any WYSIWYG android GUI designer. Second, copy your generated XML code to our converter. Third, click convert and see the work done automatically for you. Go ahead and try it.

(23671) code conversions so far...

Please check your converted JAVA codes below:
Is it safe to post my code?

Your source code is safe We do not permanently store any code submitted via this utility - the data you submit is kept only long enough to convert the code and send the result back to you. Please note that this service is still in beta stages and some XML codes or Java Methods are not supported please check the supported controls for more information.

Please report any issues you come across! We will work to fix them asap! Thank you.